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Why you need to register to vote!

Hello! I’m William Haslam and I work for an organisation called Bite the Ballot, working in partnership with FXU, the NUS and Cornwall Council. The aim of Bite the Ballot is to empower young people and to encourage greater engagement … Continue reading

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Student Life: Why you should get involved with representation activities

Having been FXU Education Officer (Exeter) during the last academic year, I have found the role to have positively contributed to my personal development in a number of ways. Since coming into the role in October, I have found my … Continue reading

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Politics: what does it mean?

Politics. For some it’s not worth talking about, for others it’s a lost cause and should be abandoned or overthrown, then there’s those of us who believe in reclaiming what defines our society. On 23 May you will have the … Continue reading

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