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FXU President Community & Welfare update: May 2016


Here’s what FXU President Community & Welfare, Alexa Webster, has been working on during the Summer Term…

Wow a lot has happened since my last blog – almost too much to list everything! You beautiful students have kept me busy and done so much around campus. I’ve managed to get it down to five things, though it took a lot to get to this point. 

There is going to be another blog soon about the FXU Awards night, and all the amazing events going on at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled! It is also coming to the end of my first year in office. On my last day I’ll be doing a blog on the top ten moments of the year, as well as a long list of thanks that needs to be given, and the day after the ten things I am most looking forward to in the year ahead! So keep a weather eye open folks, there is a lot going on and a lot that needs to be said!

So, all that is left to say is thank you one and all, as ever. And don’t forget that if you need any help or support the door and my email is always open! Say hi, get involved, reach out, and know I am here for you — always.

 Now, let’s get this blog on the road!


International Women’s Week

So, it was meant to be a day, and then Fem-Soc got involved. Followed closely by Hope DeRoy, Humans of Falmouth, the Liberation Committee, Islamic Society, Debate Society, African Caribbean Society, and LGBTQ+ Soc — and suddenly what was meant to be a day turned in to a week! From an amazing exhibition of the women of Falmouth, to a women’s conference where students (and myself!!) presented work we have done around the female; it was a jam packed week! It was great to see so much discussed, many videos watched, and students getting involved. More than 250 students took part, and it was just a fantastic week! Here is to next year, where I have a little surprise for you too… WATCH THIS SPACE!

International Women’s Week poster


 Liberation Committee

It has been no secret that one of the highlights of my life is the Liberation Committee. It has been amazing to be the first president in office while this is in place (thank you so much to Cat who came before me who put all the ground work in and made it happen), and to watch the first generation shape the Committee. This years Committee has been incredible. You have done so much and made such a difference, so thank you – one and all! You have done yourself and the students you represent proud. We have had our elections for the second year, and it is an amazingly strong team. Cannot wait to work with you all on this, and welcome to the new committee:


The Liberation Committee logo


Stress Busting – Doggies, Sweeties, and Pasties!

I don’t know about you, but May has been pretty stressful! From a jam-packed month of things going on, to exams and coursework deadlines, May always proves to be a stressful one. FXU and you, the students, have done as much as possible to combat this! Huge props to the amazing girls of Paws Your Stress who brought Guide Dogs SW on to campus to offer pet therapy. Not only did over 400 students get to cuddle dogs, but they raised more than £900 for the charity! It was such an amazing day, so thank you!

We at FXU know this can also be an expensive month, so we have started our own foodbank. This offers you a hot meal that is filling for when you need it most; this month has been pasties and mince pies! Pop in if you need some support, and we can help you through.

And finally, I asked you when your exam/hand-in deadlines were — and brought sweets and chocolately treats to you! Already looking to next year to expand on this one so once more, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Facebook cover photo for the Paws Your Stress event


Pride Month

The first point on my manifesto when I was first elected as FXU President Community & Welfare was to do a Pride Month dedicated to all things LGBTQ+ — and this month it happened. As someone who is a member of the community this month has meant so much to me, and I know it has to you too. Every event has been entirely student-led and created, with a huge thanks to Alex Kay and Cameron Harrington for leading the charge on this. The Pride Picnic had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but don’t worry – it shall be during Freshers instead! Thank you so much to everyone who has done stuff for this month, and as we come to its end it makes my heart sour to know how well met this month and our community was. Thank you, one and all, for the month and your support.

 Trans 101 Training and Transforming NUS

The Transgender and Non-Binary communities are often overlooked within the movement, and the Liberation Committee said no more! The amazing Cameron Harrington, your Trans/Non-Binary Officer, has been offering free training on everything Trans*. What has been most exciting about this is offering it to all staff members, from FXU, FX Plus, Falmouth University, and the University of Exeter. The amount of staff who have attended has been incredible, getting involved and being so open to the training. It has been so popular that we are putting on five more training sessions in June, and are planning on making a training video and information pack, as well as posters, and a full week next academic year dedicated to the community. So get involved – and be a part of this!

I also have to mention the amazing campaign and motion that was passed at NUS Conference 2016 – Transforming Nus. It was a near unanimous vote that there will be a full time officer and conference dedicated entirely to the transgender and non-binary communities, this is such a huge win and incredible work put in by all those involved. A historic moment, that is so important, and I can’t wait to see where this goes over the years to come!

I’ll be back with another update soon!