FXU President Community & Welfare update: March 2016

Here’s what FXU President Community & Welfare, Alexa Webster, has been working on lately…

FXU President Community & Welfare

Captain Welfare Does February!

Wow, February was a long month, huh? As ever, you guys kept me busy (which you know is my favourite thing) and a lot happened in a short amount of time. I know this month I’ve been a bit slow on replying with my emails, as well as had to miss a couple drop in sessions, but everything is returning back to normal now March has hit. So, let’s get crackin’!

captain welfare


For the first week of February we asked you to #MindYourHead, where we ran a week of events dedicated to bettering student mental health as well as talking about mental health, both of which are so important and have to be done hand in hand to have full effect. It was great to see so many of you involved in the week, sharing your thoughts and coming forwards for a chat. We’ve created a couple pages and resources to help you (such as a self-care booklet I wrote myself) which you can find at www.fxu.org.uk/mentalhealth

mind your head banner

Don’t DisAbility Week

Last year you elected me in to this role because one of the topics I wanted to discuss was disability. It’s no secret that I myself am disabled (the walking stick and wheelchair might give it away a little) so to be offered a platform to discuss this important issue has been a blessing and privilege. Working with the students behind the Disability Campaign this week probably ended up being the busiest week of my presidency so far! We had wheelchair basketball, a student-made film questioning what you thought you knew about sensory disabilities, a disability fayre and, of course, answered the most important question ever asked: can disabled people have sex?

It was such a fun week with such a high participation rate. We raised a lot of money for charity between us, opened up a few eyes, and learned that it is nobody’s business if a person can have sex or not! Overall a fantastic week and thank you so much to everyone who helped run the week and got involved.

dont disability

Tonight & Tomorrow

One of the things I’ve developed which is new this month is the Tonight & Tomorrow cards! These are for you to use on a night out, with security, St John Ambulance and the Stannary all having copies. Hopefully you won’t need them but if you do the cards are here so you have all the contacts you need should the worst happen. Pop it in to your wallet to use at a later date. We’ve also put a lot of useful contacts in to one space for you on the website, which you can find here.

tonight tomorrow


The final thing for this week is just a massive THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can’t begin to put in to words how much of an honour it is that you chose to re-elect me for another year as your President of Community & Welfare. It is no secret that I love this role and that is entirely down to having the chance to work with you guys, the students. Last year you trusted me to be your welfare president and I have been true to my word and manifesto. Now, with seventeen months ahead of us, I want to make you a promise to stick to my second manifesto, to always be there when you need it most and to have you, the student, at the heart of everything you do. Here is to another amazing year of working together *raises juice box in the air in a toast*

alexa campaign poster


About fxublog

The FXU blog has been set up to allow you to voice your concerns and engage in debate throughout your time at university. Share your thoughts on new development plans and proposals by answering polls and posting comments. We also want to feature real-life accounts of the student experience and regularly include posts written by YOU. We will continue to update the blog as new issues arise, but if you think we've missed something, email us at info@fxu.org.uk with 'Blog' in the subject and we'll pass the message on! You can also find out more about us on the website: www.fxu.org.uk.
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