FXU President Falmouth update: January 2016

Here’s what FXU President Falmouth, Fred Mallin, has been working on during Dec/Jan…


Fred Mallin


A belated happy new year to you all, and for those of you who’ve had them, congratulations on completing your first round of deadlines for the year! I hope it went as well as you hoped! Us Presidents have been working as hard as ever too and we’re keen to hear from you. So remember, if there’s anything you feel you could use a little advice on, or help with any situation, we are here for you! We also want to know what’s going great, so pop in for a cuppa and fill us in.

After an incredible term of wins upon wins (averaging 2/week!) most people would be putting their feet up and retiring. But not us!



This term I am giving two of my campaigns a real push into the spotlight. Cross-course and institutional collaboration is a goal I presented in my manifesto and has been particularly popular with students. This came from the idea that the types of people you encounter here, at such a unique, small and specialist university, are more than likely to be your peers in the future, and it would be a missed opportunity not to learn from such multi-talented cohort of people. I have seen considerable enthusiasm from staff too, so it seems as if it can’t fail! I’m in the early stages of data collection and will be putting a survey to all of you soon to determine where your collaborative interests lie. This may also help tailor CSE events in the future, so you can get what you need in an effective manner.


Creative Skills Exchange


Study Space

The second campaign I’m working on is for alternative study spaces. This entails identifying student friendly businesses that will welcome you with open arms to study in their establishment. Broadly, it is aimed at tackling the ever increasing “There’s nowhere on campus for me to sit and do work” issue, as well as giving students more information about the local area and forging stronger links with our wonderful local community. I hope to release more information in the not too distant future!

Other than these, I have been getting on with my day to day of representing the student voice at every level of Falmouth University; ranging from o’er-due building work to challenging the decisions made by the university’s governing body.



I’ve also been working closely with your Student Reps, on various projects, who I feel have been representing you all impeccably! They are a great source of knowledge to find out what really matters to you all, and an unmatched tool for communicating what’s going on to the wider student body.


Student Reps 2015/16


President Elections

DON’T FORGET!!! Nominations for the 4 FXU Presidential positions 2016/17 are open now! For more information, head on over to our FXU Elections Page. Alternatively, you can contact me night (just kidding) or day on fred.mallin@fxu.org.uk and my door is always open to chat. I can honestly say I’ve gained some real, life-altering experience since being in this position and urge anyone who feels they could be the change, or just want to help someone out, to look into and go for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

That’s it from me this time, if you want to know more about what I do day to day, as said, you can come in any time! Have a look at the amazing work my Presidential peers are up to too! Best of luck with the coming semester!


I’ll be back with another update next month.





About fxublog

The FXU blog has been set up to allow you to voice your concerns and engage in debate throughout your time at university. Share your thoughts on new development plans and proposals by answering polls and posting comments. We also want to feature real-life accounts of the student experience and regularly include posts written by YOU. We will continue to update the blog as new issues arise, but if you think we've missed something, email us at info@fxu.org.uk with 'Blog' in the subject and we'll pass the message on! You can also find out more about us on the website: www.fxu.org.uk.
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