FXU President Community & Welfare update: January 2016

Here’s what FXU President Community & Welfare, Alexa Webster, has been working on during Dec/Jan…


FXU President Community & Welfare


Ohai Everyone!

December and January saw us go through the Winter break, and when we got back you all had deadlines and exams. I hope everything went how you wished it to, and if it didn’t remember myself and the other Presidents are here to support you. Please feel free to contact us to find out what next step you can take if you want some help or advice. And remember that my drop in sessions happen each week, so say hello, have a chat, and start your journey.


Drop in Sessions


Be Stress Free

In January we launched our Be Stress Free App, which is free to all Falmouth University and University of Exeter students in Cornwall. This app is the first of its kind to be offered to university students, and it was great to see so many of you showing interest in the app as well as volunteering with us for the launch! With everything from meditation to self-hypnosis, it is there for you when you need it most to help tackle student stress – we all get stressed and that is okay, it is a part of being human! It is easy to download and even easier to use. To find out more please visit our Be Stress Free web page.


Be Stress Free App


Permanent Selection Of Protection 4 You

At the start of my term as your FXU President Community & Welfare one of the first things I did was expand from only one type of condom available free to students from the FXU office to seven different options! This has proved a very popular improvement, and we now have funding to keep this in the FXU office for you. There are bowls by the door at both Tremough and Woodlane, so please come and help yourselves! If you have any questions about your sexual health and where you can get support, please come to my drop ins or send me an email alexa.webster@fxu.org.uk


Selection of Protection


Liberation Committee

We have had our first meeting of the Liberation Committee, and I couldn’t be prouder of the student officers that you elected. We have a full committee, which for the first year is incredible, and all the students you elected to represent you have some amazing ideas of what we can do going in to the future. From changes to university life that are more inclusive, to campaigns and week-long events! Below is the full list of your elected Liberation Committee, and the positions they hold:

FXU BME Officer – Andrea Hounto.  FXU Disabled Students’ Officer – Charlotte Mills.  FXU LGBTQ+ Officer – Alex Kay.  FXU Liberation Chair – Chelsea Dawe.  FXU Liberation Open Position – Cameron Harrington.  FXU Womens’ Officer – Sienna Somers.  FXU Widening Student Participation Officer – Rebekah Trehern & Ellie Healy (Joint).


FXU Liberation Committee

Pictured From Left: Cameron Harrington (Open Position, Non-Binary Officer), Alex Kay (LGBTQ+ Officer), Sienna Somers (Women’s Officer), Jamal Clarke (Community Officer), Andrea Hounto (BME Officer), and Charlotte Mills (Disabled Students Officer).


Coming Up In February and March

We have a lot of events coming up, so I thought I would give you all a sneak peek at what to look out for next! In the first week of February we shall be holding Mental Health Week, which we have called ‘Mind Your Head’. This is a program of twenty events all designed around mental health, from movie showings to walks with the Expedition Society! We shall also be launching the Mind Your Head booklet which offers advice, self-care tips, and sign posting to aid positive mental health.

The second week is Don’t DisAbility, aimed at breaking down the stigmas and stereotypes around the disabled community. Why not come to the Presidents’ Big Quiz 2.0 and finally find out the answer to the number one asked question to anyone in a wheelchair: can disabled people have sex?

Finally planning has started for International Women’s day! And because we at FXU don’t do things by halves we have turned it into a full week of events. We are looking for students to showcase their artwork, dissertations, and talk about everything women. I myself am also getting involved, giving a short lecture of Ophelia within Photography! We are still looking for speakers, so to find out more and get involved people contact me on alexa.webster@fxu.org.uk

Thank You So Much For Reading!

I just want to end this by thanking all of you for being yourselves, and making being in this role an absolute pleasure. Remember that I am always here for you, regardless of the issue, and if you have any ideas for events or campaigns please let me know!

I’ll be back with another update next month.

In love, support, and solidarity,


AKA. Captain Welfare!




About fxublog

The FXU blog has been set up to allow you to voice your concerns and engage in debate throughout your time at university. Share your thoughts on new development plans and proposals by answering polls and posting comments. We also want to feature real-life accounts of the student experience and regularly include posts written by YOU. We will continue to update the blog as new issues arise, but if you think we've missed something, email us at info@fxu.org.uk with 'Blog' in the subject and we'll pass the message on! You can also find out more about us on the website: www.fxu.org.uk.
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