FXU President Community & Welfare update: October 2015

Once a month we’ll be sharing with you what we, your FXU Presidents, have been up to via this blog. We’ll be letting you know who we’ve been talking to, which high-level meetings we’ve been attending, what the feedback is on issues you’ve raised to us and update you on our Top Ten Priorities. Make sure you check it out and if you want to find out more pop into the office to see us or drop us an email.

Here’s what FXU President Community & Welfare, Alexa Webster, has been working on at the start of the Autumn Term…

FXU President Community & Welfare

Student Facing – Always Here ForXyoU!

During Freshers Fortnight I went to all the talks given by the Wellbeing Team, where I let all you lovely first years know what I do and what will be going on throughout the year. It was great to talk to so many of you, having people come up after the talks to ask questions, and being able to let you guys know I am here for you. I also got to go along to many of the Freshers events, which is always fun. There were chances to get dressed up, and it was great to see so many of you during the Fresher’s Ball. We all looked so fancy! Freshers Fayre was also a roaring success, and it was great to have so many people interested in the V Team and RAD.

However for me, the President’s Quiz had to be a personal highlight of mine (those who went learnt why I should never be allowed to write a quiz – go team geek!). But if you missed it, don’t worry! The President’s Quiz will return, the next one being in February for Disability Awareness Week!

Amanda, Alexa and Grace at the FXU Presidents' Quiz

Above: Amanda FXU President Student Experience, Myself, and Grace FXU President Exeter enjoying Freshers’ Ball! Photograph by Jack Matthews.


I’m excited to announce a new campaign that shall be starting in November – #FXlovesU! Each month there will be a different theme for issues directly affecting students, and advice, support and information is going to be posted every week day on the FXU Facebook page. November’s theme is Cyber Safety and Bullying! We want to keep you safe and happy, both on and offline, so please check out the FXU Facebook Page for more details and useful tips throughout the month.

Drop in Sessions

Drop in sessions have proven popular and I have now officially booked in all my drop in dates for the year ahead! If you ever have anything you want to talk about I am going to be available Wednesdays from 4pm until 7pm in the Compass, and Fridays from 2pm until 5pm in the Falmouth FXU office.

Alexa - FXU Drop In Sessions


Last year our wonderful Feminist Society launched the amazing #noblurredlines campaign, and I’ve been blessed to take it forward this year! The #noblurredlines campaign has gone national, with permissions given for the posters to be available to all Student Unions to use. So far over ten have gotten back to me saying they are going to use them, including one request to translate it to Welsh! A fridge magnet of one of the posters has also been put into every single Student Hall’s kitchen, so keep your eye out for those.

No Blurred Lines

Above: Just one of the six #noblurredlines campaign posters (designed by Falmouth Graduate Beth Hall). The above is now on every fridge in Student Halls rented out by both Universities in Cornwall.

Equality & Diversity – Black History Month, LGBTQ+, Islamic Society… OH MY!!

October is the month dedicated to Black History, and our FXU ACS did everyone proud. It was a fantastic month, with the FXU ACS putting on a series of very successful events with an impressive student turn out. They had everything from a Poetry & Pizza night to debates! Every subject was covered, and more, with their heart and souls put into every event. It was so inspiring to see and I will forever be saying thank you to the amazing ACS committee for allowing me to be a part of the month.


Future Events

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month, hosted by our award winning FXU Islamic Society; they have so many events planned! Throughout the month they will be raising awareness and money, having pledged to raise £10,000 for Human Appeal Feeding Syria.

In the future we have two more months planned to celebrate our amazingly diverse body of students. February shall be Disability Awareness Month, where we shall be breaking down barriers around mental health, specific learning differences, and disability as a whole. Then very excitingly we shall be having Pride Month in May! From our own Pride Parade to doing a clothing drive for transgender students, there will be a hell of a lot going on – so watch this space! And if you want to get involved with either of these months please feel free to drop me an email or pop into the FXU office.

Liberation Committee

This year sees our first ever Liberation Committee! The Liberation Committee works towards the equality of all students on campus. Delivering campaigns, representing students and creating policy relating to the liberation of marginalised groups. This committee feeds into the Student Council and FXU, and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS COMMITTEE I CAN’T EVEN! In the first round of elections we had so many amazing candidates, and you voted on your final committee (below). However we still have two positions available: the Widening Participation Officer, and the Open Position. So if you didn’t get elected the first time, or didn’t get a chance to nominate yourself, do not worry. You still have a chance to be involved, so be a part of the second round. Visit our FXU Elections page for details.

FXU Liberation Committee

Above is our FIRST EVER LIBERATION COMMITTEE!!! (And all our other amazing student officers elected in). Congratz to our Liberation Chair Jamal Clarke, LGBTQ+ Officer Alex Kay, Disabled Students Officer Charlotte Mills, BME Officer Andrea Hounto, and Women’s Officer Sienna Somers!!!!!! Cannot wait to work with you all on this landmark committee in the upcoming year.

Condoms – A Selection of Protection

I’m going to end this blog entry on my new favourite topic – condoms! This year we have widened our selection of protection and lubricant available to you for free. Pop in to the FXU office to help yourself from the bowl, and let us know which ones you would like to see more of!

FXU Condoms Poster


About fxublog

The FXU blog has been set up to allow you to voice your concerns and engage in debate throughout your time at university. Share your thoughts on new development plans and proposals by answering polls and posting comments. We also want to feature real-life accounts of the student experience and regularly include posts written by YOU. We will continue to update the blog as new issues arise, but if you think we've missed something, email us at info@fxu.org.uk with 'Blog' in the subject and we'll pass the message on! You can also find out more about us on the website: www.fxu.org.uk.
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