FXU Emergency Motion: Anti-Austerity March





FXU Emergency Motion: Do you want the motion ‘To support the Anti-Austerity March in London on 20th June 2015, in particular by organising travel from Cornwall to London’ to become FXU policy?

This will be voted on at UGM if it is quorate.

FXU President, Community and Welfare, Catherine Thornhill, has proposed a motion for FXU to support the Anti-Austerity March in London on the 20th June, seconded by a number of students. The motion includes organising transport for students from Cornwall to London and back, training prior to the event for any students who wish to attend and information on legal rights and safety tips for students marching. To see the motion in full, click here.

The motion will be proposed, debated and voted on at the FXU Union General Meeting (UGM). At least 50 students need to be in attendance of the UGM for it to be voted on in the meeting. Equal time will be allowed for arguments for and against the motion. All students are invited to attend and vote.

FXU UGM for debate and vote: 4– 6pm Thursday 28 May, Fox 4 Lecture Theatre, Falmouth Campus


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1 Response to FXU Emergency Motion: Anti-Austerity March

  1. Catherine Thornhill says:

    Many of us will be attending the Anti-Austerity March in London on June 20th. Practically this motion would mean that FXU would help to organise transport to and from London and to provide legal and safety information to any students wishing to attend the march.

    I fully believe that FXU should be in support of this motion as a continuation of the MyVoteMatters Campaign. FXU worked very hard to engage students in politics but as a result of our unrepresentative voting system huge swathes of those who voted are not being represented in this new government. In particular a large amount of votes in both of our constituencies went to Anti-Austerity parties like the Green Party and there is a huge groundswell of support for an anti-austerity movement.

    While other legitimate forms of showing disapproval with government plans, such as the No. 10 petition site, are down, to voice our unhappiness, or try and change government policy it becomes necessary for us to take part in mass movements. I strongly feel that if enough of us show up for this march, it may affect the severity of the cuts which the government implements.

    It is my belief as the Community and Welfare President for FXU that students attending this march would be safer with FXU support. Being provided with some training before attending and with a contact card for emergencies which includes their legal rights as a protestor could be of huge help to any students who could potentially get caught up in trouble. If this motion is passed I would also endeavour to make sure we are part of the student bloc, unifying our voice with that of students across the country. Lastly, with FXU helping to organise transport to and from London to Cornwall, this event will become much more accessible to students from our universities.

    The vote will need at least 50 people there to make the meeting Quorate and therefore be able to pass the motion so if you would like FXU to be able to support this motion please make sure you attend.

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