FXU President Student Experience update: April 2015

Once a month, one of our e-newsletters will come to you direct from the Presidents and we’ll be sharing their activities here on the blog. They’ll be letting you know who they’ve been liaising with, which high-level meetings they’ve been attending and what we can update you on with regards to this year’s Top Ten priorities. Here’s what FXU President Student Experience, Roger Auster, has been working on at the start of the summer term.

FXU President Student Experience, Roger Auster

My Vote Matters

Don’t forget to vote next week! Glasney residents registered here will be able to vote in The Compass and students living off-campus will be able to get the FXU shuttle bus to their nearest polling station. If you have your polling card, take it to the station, as your vote will be quicker. If you don’t have it you can still vote. If you’re not sure where your polling station is, you can find out from FXU!

During the course of the My Vote Matters campaign, voter registration in Glasney increased by 558% for students registering to vote in the Compass polling station. That is 44% of the residents, not including students who have registered to vote in their home constituencies!

Off-campus we are unfortunately unable to obtain figures from the electoral office for students registered, but on FXU Voter Registration Day, over 300 students registered and approximately 90% of this figure was for students registering off campus.

my vote matters

Tremough 2015

An event not to be missed!

This coming Sunday, 3 May, 12-4pm, the Tremough Community Games will be taking place on the Penryn Campus! The event, led by executive Sports Officer Hattie Frisby, will see students and the local community come to the campus in a celebration of sport and culture. Loads of activities are on offer from both student and community groups, including bubble football, segways, quidditch, volleyball, bird box making, planting, volleyball and much much more! You will also have the chance to find out about a new festival in Falmouth due to take place in July, ZestiFal!

Tremough 2015

International Arrivals

For the first time, in September the Falmouth and Exeter first year international arrivals will take place together, the day before the rest of arrivals weekend. The international Freshers programme will also be taking a more integrated approach with extra support sessions where necessary. In addition, a new informational brochure entitled ‘International Cornwall’ will be sent to incoming international students in addition to all the pre-Freshers material to help students find any of the support they may require once they arrive.

Rainbow laces

FXU joined Stonewall’s rainbow laces campaign, which aims to kick homophobia out of sport! The premise is that you wear rainbow laces in your footwear to demonstrate that homophobia will not be tolerated in your club or society. FXU gave away 100 pairs of laces in 24 hours and clubs and societies are now sending us pictures via social media of them in use – for example, Sailing have taken them out to sea and Expedition took them up Ben Nevis! Send us your pictures via the Sport and Rec Facebook page!

Rainbow Laces

Sports team colours

In consultation with all sports club and society committee members at the forum meeting, including CSM Student Association, FXU has now formalised a recommended sports team colour palette of blue, gold and white (although, ultimately, the decision lies with each sports club and society, as all groups are student-led). The colour palette was chosen because most clubs play in those colours already, including the CSM teams. Additionally the colours see the blue for FXU and Exeter University and the gold from the Falmouth University crest.

I’ll be back with another update next month.


About fxublog

The FXU blog has been set up to allow you to voice your concerns and engage in debate throughout your time at university. Share your thoughts on new development plans and proposals by answering polls and posting comments. We also want to feature real-life accounts of the student experience and regularly include posts written by YOU. We will continue to update the blog as new issues arise, but if you think we've missed something, email us at info@fxu.org.uk with 'Blog' in the subject and we'll pass the message on! You can also find out more about us on the website: www.fxu.org.uk.
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