Student Life: House Hunting!

Having barely been in halls two months, it came as quite a shock to find the university leaflet flapping around in our mailbox, advertising house hunting starter talks. It seemed so ridiculously premature, considering we still have around two-thirds of the academic year left in halls. However, as the talks emphasised, the Falmouth student accommodation hub is going live in January, so time is pressing if you don’t want to be stuck in the extravagantly pricey, or the damp and scummy, left-overs.

The first thing to consider is who you want to live with: course mates, flat mates, society buddies? After the awkward approaches and the sly slipping of hints into conversation, eventually you’ll muster together a pack of potential housemates.

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Then decisions need to be made about what type of accommodation. Of course there are the typical houses and flats – and I’ve even heard of students living on boats! For me, I’m ideally looking for a house. In my eyes, you can use your university years to cheat on stacking up life experiences: having a flat, having a house or two, whilst still supported by loans and parents, therefore stockpiling independence before being truly self-dependent.

The weeks fly by so quickly here; the cliché proves itself again and again. The spring term will no doubt be flooded with house visitations, alongside a lot of work, reading and essay writing, but half of the fun of being a student is trying to juggle work and play – or so they say. Glasney halls have been amazing to start university life in and ideal being so close to campus (sleeping in until 15 minutes before a lecture is actually possible) but I can’t wait to live in Falmouth next year – to lie on the beach writing oh so creatively for my Creative Writing course. The landscape around here really is phenomenal and compared to the cramped cities we really are spoilt for choice over where we choose to live next year. The competition will commence soon, so good luck!

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The student pad for next year’s accommodation will be up and running early in the New Year:

jess profileJess is a first year English with Creative Writing student from Falmouth University. When not reading and writing, she loves dancing, eating (but not cooking) and going for a walk on the beach or a swim in the sea… despite the English weather.


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