More information on the No More Page 3 debate

‘FXU to support No More Page 3’ Motion: Information

What is happening?

FXU Equal Opportunities Officer, Tilda Dunn, has proposed a motion for FXU to support ‘No More Page 3’ on campus, seconded by a number of students. The motion was discussed by the FXU Student Council who decided the vote should lie with all students through a referendum – an all student vote.

the sun newspaper

What is ‘Page 3’?

‘Page 3’ refers to page 3 of The Sun, a UK national newspaper, where a topless female glamour model is featured daily, a practice which this newspaper began in 1970.

What does this mean for FXU?

If the majority of students who vote back this motion, it will become an FXU policy mandating FXU to follow the actions stated in the motion such as openly supporting the national ‘No More Page 3’ campaign; lobbying FX Plus to stop stocking The Sun on campus in the shop and libraries until the newspaper removes it’s Page 3; and, asking students how they want to be portrayed in national media.

If the majority of students who vote oppose this motion, then FXU won’t be mandated to follow it.

FXU vote tick box

Arguments for and against

FXU has a responsibility to outline basic for and against arguments where possible, this list is not exhaustive, please see student campaigns and other resources for further ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments:

Arguments for

  • By students publicly supporting the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign and boycotting The Sun newspaper from campus until Page 3 is removed, students are actively taking a stand for the equal portrayal of women in national media
  • ‘Page 3’ objectifies women for men’s sexual gratification, which is sexist and can fuel detrimental values towards women
  • ‘Page 3’ should not be included in a national newspaper, and should not be available for children and young people to see
  • ‘Page 3’ presents a skewed and potentially damaging picture of women’s bodies
  • The availability of The Sun with ‘Page 3’ on campus is degrading to female students and goes against the universities’ and FXU’s policies on equal opportunities
  • Students can still buy The Sun off campus if they wish.

Arguments against

  • Students should be able to buy what they want on campus
  • Students may feel that ‘Page 3’ is harmless and not an issue
  • Students can choose not to buy or read The Sun on campus
  • If Page 3 is removed, it takes away freedom of choice for women who want to be a Page 3 model
  • ‘No more Page 3’ encourages censorship over education and debate, as an easier solution to the problem of the objectification of women
  • ‘Cosmopolitan’ ‘Glamour’ ‘Vogue’ etc could be argued to be far more damaging with regards to issues such as ‘body image’ and worse, ‘self objectification’ with vastly higher amounts of retouching than Page 3 and all aimed at a target demographic of 16-30 year old females, which The Sun and other Page 3 publications are not.

For the official motion and to vote

Students should read through the full motion proposed, which includes facts, opinions and actions on this issue. Visit for the full motion and to vote. Voting will be 10am 4 June – 2pm 6 June.

EDIT: View the full debate here.


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