Student Life: Why you should get involved with representation activities

Having been FXU Education Officer (Exeter) during the last academic year, I have found the role to have positively contributed to my personal development in a number of ways. Since coming into the role in October, I have found my confidence and abilities to work as part of a team have been tested and enhanced. Each decision taken and idea put forward has been subject to team work and co-operation. This is particularly true given that I entered this role on a joint platform with fellow Education Officer Riona Bray.

will haslam fxu awards

Will winning the award for mentoring at the 2014 FXU Awards

Fulfilling this role has given me the opportunity to meet students across the three years and from a range of subjects and departments. It has also brought me into contact with a number of senior staff from both Penryn and Streatham campuses, which would not have happened otherwise. In essence, being an Exec offers a fantastic opportunity to meet people from across the university, resulting in my improved confidence and the ability to work and discuss issues with people I have only just met. It has also brought opportunities to have an input into the future direction of the campus through the planning of the Education Strategy.

will haslam bite the ballot poster

On reflection, I would argue the best thing to have come out of my role as Education Officer is my involvement in a local project, which was run by a group of Falmouth graduates. It was run in conjunction with Cornwall Council in an attempt to increase voter registration and turnout at all elections, particularly amongst young people aged 16–24 years old. Involvement in this project culminated in the production of that familiar poster which was located on bus stops all over Cornwall, something which I am sure many of you have seen. Despite the attention that these brought, I believe that securing a job within an organisation called Bite the Ballot, working in partnership with Cornwall Council, is perhaps the best opportunity that I have secured after having been an Exec. This opportunity would not have arisen without having been involved in FXU and the experience, skills and confidence I had obtained during my time as Education Officer.

I would highly recommend the position to anyone considering it. It is certainly a great opportunity and experience that is part of a great team.

will haslamWill is a second year History and Politics students from the University of Exeter Penryn Campus. Alongside his work commitments, he also enjoys volunteering, being locally active in politics and being physically active when time allows!


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