Politics: what does it mean?

Politics. For some it’s not worth talking about, for others it’s a lost cause and should be abandoned or overthrown, then there’s those of us who believe in reclaiming what defines our society. On 23 May you will have the chance to take the first steps in reclaiming your government, as we are holding a debate between Truro and Falmouth MP Sarah Newton and all of the prospective candidates. This is your opportunity to put your questions to them and make sure your voice is heard.

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I came up with this idea after being heavily involved with the protests, both locally and nationally, against the privatisation of the student loan book. After meeting a lot of great people involved in the student movement, I began to realise how divided people were in their thoughts towards the government. There appears to be those who wish to turn their back on the system and fight against it but also those who want to face it head on, reclaim it and reform it.

Personally, I believe the only way we can reclaim our government is by taking part in politics. That doesn’t mean everyone needs to head into London and protest every day; it means we, as a society, must inform ourselves, ask questions and put pressure on those with power to create the society that we want. That is what I hope this debate can achieve, showing people they can ask the tough questions; that you don’t necessarily only have a choice between a certain number of parties, that we, the people, hold the real power if we unite. Our strength is our numbers and if our number is informed and involved, we can reclaim our government.

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We are living in a time of huge uncertainty, with more and more people giving up on politics, when in fact more of us should be getting involved. The other night I watched the European debate between Farage and Clegg, which, for me, highlighted an issue which isn’t based on race, class or gender, but quite simply on who actually has power. Neither man debating has any power in our government. In fact our government has little power and it’s not because the EU has it either. We live in a time where unelected businesses define and shape policy, which our government listens to instead of the people. This entire debate was economic, about self interest and the present day. It failed to address long term issues of the environment and education. We saw politics for what it really is – selfish and out of touch. It showed that now more than ever we need to reclaim the government and take back the power, not from the EU but from corporations, then place it back in the hands of the people and its representatives.

But, this is just my opinion – one I hope is shared by many but one I also hope can be shaped by many.

How do you perceive our government? Do you agree with me or have an alternative take on the matter? Do you think an MP debate is a good idea and would you attend?

This is all about us talking about the issues, raising awareness and creating hope for a future which is being consistently hampered by self-indulgent policy. I encourage you to come along to the debate and to leave questions below. It is time to wake up and reclaim our government.

alex falconerAlex is a second year Film student at Falmouth University and an active member of the student movement. He is dedicated to raising awareness of the political issues which affect students, staff and the wider community.


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