Why should you vote?

The day I write this is Wednesday, the third day of FXU Sabbatical Elections for 2014-15 positions. I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with the word ‘elections’ for the past three days… Elections, voting, get your opinion heard, vote now, voting is open, don’t forget to vote… The fact you’re even reading this, with the word ‘vote’ in the title, is quite something!

vote now

I’ll be honest, this is another shameless plug for voting. BUT, before you close it – hopefully this post will explain to you succinctly, and from a student’s perspective, why it really is so important that you exercise your right to vote! The four little ticks that will take you 22 seconds to fill in (yes, I timed myself) will give you the chance to decide who represents the student voice in the next academic year.

This voice encompasses everything that we, as students, might want to change, improve, or have a conversation about. The Sabbatical Officers are here to turn our University experience into the best it can be.

voting booth

This year’s Presidents for Falmouth and Exeter, and Vice-Presidents Participation and Welfare, have made a big impact. They have cemented change with courses, including grass-roots student opinions through strengthening the course rep system, making the marking process timely and varied, and including students more in designing their course content. They’ve achieved the alignment of term dates so Falmouth and Exeter holidays will coincide. They’ve put on events and brought dogs onto the campus for Mental Health Week. They’ve made more social spaces, negotiated travel with the bus companies and begun a discussion with the universites into increasing sports facilities here. And all on our behalf!

Obviously the candidates that are dedicating their time to campaigning at the moment are passionate about getting your vote so that they can win the position. But they want the position because they have the same passion about representing us. As our main point of contact with the universities and campus administration, they want to spend their year working towards the sole purpose of getting the best results possible for us.

voting wristbands

Each candidate has different strengths and different ideas about how they can and will act for students if they are elected. It is down to you to decide who you think best understands your needs and can best achieve your requirements. Even for those of you who (like me!) are final years and won’t be here next year, don’t you think it is still important for the students that remain here to be represented by the best Sabbs available?

So read through their manifestos, ask them any questions you may have, and spend your 22 seconds wisely, choosing your representatives for the next academic year!

Vote now and read the candidates’ manifestos at fxu.org.uk/elections.

clare deaneClare is a third year History student and is currently working as the FXU Research and Engagement intern. She comes from Norfolk and loves outdoor activities and cooking, especially with friends!


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