Tips on saving money!

Our events for National Student Money Week were a roaring success and we’ve received some great tips from you, the students, about the most effective ways you can cut back on your spending. Here are some of our favourites.

National Student Money Week

Bills and budgeting:

  • Instead of putting on the heater, put on more clothes!
  • Use online banking as it helps keep track of your money
  • Keep a piggy bank!
  • Make a weekly budget
  • Don’t let your 1p or 2p pieces go to waste – put them in a piggy bank and let it grow!
  • Don’t be scared of checking your bank balance
  • Get a job at a restaurant where they give employees free/discounted meals in addition to wages
  • Put electrical items on timers where applicable
  • Showers not baths
  • Get a job and save
  • Work out how much you have to spend each week and save for a treat once a month
  • Do your laundry wisely – soap adds up!
  • Try not to get an overdraft on your student account unless it’s vital
  • Always save 10% to 20% of your salary
  • Buy colour catchers so you can mix all your washing in one load!
  • Fill your empty freezer with bottles of water to save on electricity

Going out:

  • Only drink on Thursday – £1 drink nights!
  • Try to do more fun activities through exercise and Flexsi. Cheaper than drinking!
  • Eat out sparingly, including takeaways


  • Try going vegetarian for a bit – meat costs!
  • Cook together with friends
  • Cook from scratch
  • Buy cheap (free range) meat and use a pressure cooker!
  • Freeze all leftovers!
  • Packed lunches
  • Just drink water; no soft drinks
  • Team up with a housemate and do your shopping for big things i.e. meat together sharing the cost and cooking
  • Meat is expensive! Try being meat free two-three days a week
  • Eat lots of rice! It’s very cheap, low fat and healthy


  • Cycle (borrow a bike from Penryn Campus – £1 a day!)
  • £14 for 20 bus tickets!
  • Walk everywhere
  • Use public transport rather than your car
  • Be designated driver and ask for petrol money


  • Plan your shopping before you go and stick to your shopping list
  • Always look at the price per kg at the supermarket rather than the bundle price on veggies etc
  • Keep a record of what and where you spend
  • Whoops aisle at Asda
  • Leave your card at home when you don’t need to spend money
  • Buy in bulk and make large meals (freeze the rest!)
  • Shop in Stokes veg shop rather than Tesco (student discount!)
  • Buy second hand clothes
  • Be a reduced section sniper
  • Use own brands
  • Shop at Lidl
  • Only pay cash
  • Freeze bread
  • Wait a week to buy expensive things. You probably won’t want it
  • Don’t shop when you are hungry!
  • Buy food in bulk so you have three or four meals in the fridge
  • ASDA smart price!
  • Only buy what you need, so no chocolate!
  • Plan your meals ahead so you don’t waste money on unnecessary food!
  • Use the Pasty Connection!
  • Get a student and parent ASDA card – they buy your food!
  • Make people presents rather than buying things!
  • Get a macro card, buy in  bulk and share the cost with whoever you live with
  • Shop at Lidl – two gammon steaks for £1.69
  • e-bay

If you’ve got any other tips, leave a comment below.


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