UGM comments: BUCS

UGM Twitter HeaderIf you missed the General Meeting last week and want to know what was said about the pressing items, fear not, as the full minutes will be made available later this week. The Twitter feed is still available under #FXUugm, complete with running commentary and comments from the staff and student audience. We’ll be sharing some of the highlights this week.

Today we’re talking about BUCS.

Victoria Sincock‏@VictoriaSincock
What is the issue with FXU entering teamsports into BUCS? We aren’t going to ask Streatham to join our teams anyway? #FXUugm

FXU Students’ Union‏@FXUtweet
BUCS: Trying harder to work as one institution but this isn’t reflected within the sports clubs. We’re unable to compete as FXU #FXUugm

FXU Students’ Union‏@FXUtweet
BUCS: Need to work together to prove to governing bodies that we are one! Not Falmouth AND Exeter when it comes to sports&societies #FXUugm

FXU Students’ Union‏@FXUtweet
BUCS: Feel overlooked in Cornwall. Want to increase dialogue between Exeter main campus, FXU & BUCS #FXUugm

Victoria Sincock‏@VictoriaSincock
Exeter students on Cornwall campus usually feel more affinity to Falmouth than Exeter main campus, promote unity not discord? #FXUugm

FXU Students’ Union‏@FXUtweet
BUCS: Something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Your time at uni is short! You deserve to have the best time ever #FXUugm

Joan Passey‏@JoanPassey
Shocked that @BUCSsport isn’t equipped to deal with a unique union like ours. Shows their limitations #FXUugm

FXU Students’ Union‏@FXUtweet
BUCS: Need to get as many voices behind us possible to show BUCS we matter! #FXUugm

FXU Students’ Union‏@FXUtweet
BUCS: If you want to discuss this further, call into the office to speak to @VPparticipation or Hayley in the Activities office #FXUugm

Matt Davies‏@thatmattdavies
Disappointed @BUCSsport are unwilling to recognise our union. FXU is an institution completely independent from Exeter’s union. #FXUugm

@BUCSsport This is your day… to refuse to let students play sport unless they travel more than two hours to a different campus? #FXUugm

Joan Passey‏@JoanPassey
Anti-main campus pride! #FXUugm

Emma Raynor‏@emmajraynor
Tremough forever! #FXUugm

Anna John‏@Amj214John
#FXUugm Tremough Campus PRIDE

We’re still keen to hear your comments so please let us know what you think.

Check back here tomorrow for more feedback on the Falmouth Award and Exeter Award.


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