Student Life: The journey towards a part-time officer position

When I first applied to the Society Officer part-time officer position at FXU, I definitely wasn’t 100% sure what was involved. I knew what the actual role entailed and I knew my own qualifications for it but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the amount of work I would have to do to secure that role! I was so focused on the role itself I forgot there were other steps! The campaigning turned out to be stressful, challenging and mildly terrifying! However it also turned out to be interesting, rewarding and ultimately successful!


The first step was of course applying. The form was straight-forward, the campaigning pack was interesting and the poster was easy to make (I recommend you put more time into it than I did!) and this meant I had submitted it a full month before the deadline. Atypically, I was prepared! This didn’t stop me from making last minute changes ten minutes before the final deadline a month later!

Lily Darvell manifesto


It involved laps, star jumps and press ups whilst being yelled at by the FXU team. Not. It was really chilled out, there was open discussion to make sure everyone understood the rules fully and the FXU team (Janice, I love you) were really great at explaining away our fears! This was also the first revelation of your competitors. I had of course managed to put myself in the category with the most candidates because apparently that is just WHAT I DO. After the training we were finally allowed to tell people we were running and started to spread the leaflets to all the people who weren’t wearing headphones in the library. It was time to overcome what little British sensibility I had left and talk to strangers to tell them that I am awesome.


This was terrifying. I hate microphones. I hate bragging. And it was in the Stannary. I had my notes scribbled down and I was mentally prepared to take a verbal beating from the audience. The speech went well; I successfully made it to the stage without falling over and I didn’t drop the mic! The questions from the audience touched on a subject close to my heart. Our very own Oli Maskrey asked the pointed and relevant question ‘What is your favourite food?’ Maple Syrup was of course the answer. As a Canadian this counts as an entire food group.


It’s all fun and games until you have to actually convince people to vote for you! It is amazing how many people offer support without being asked and it is wonderful to see people getting engaged with the elections, even if they didn’t vote for me! It was really hard to work out how to engage people without being obnoxious or spamming their Facebook newsfeeds! As I was going for Society Officer it felt like a good idea to actually visit some societies, so most of my time was spent talking to societies! It was really interesting to attend meetings of societies I had never been to before and it really gave me an idea of the scope of the societies we have on campus! We are awesome as a student body; we do all the things!


By far the worst part of this entire process was waiting for everything to be announced! I was excessively keyed up! Twas rather worrying for the people around me. Especially when it ticked round to 4pm and I was frantically clicking refresh on my email. Save yourself the hassle and get Twitter. I have only been introduced to Twitter via FXU and it is SO GOOD. Why did I hold out so long?!

And I won! Which was a relief! Out to celebrate on Halloween, dressed a dinosaur! It was great to win but the experience of actually campaigning for something was so unique that even if I hadn’t won the process, though stressful, was really valuable. And now on to do the actual job! I have high hopes!

Lily DarvellLily is a 3rd year English Student at Exeter. She has recently been elected Society Officer and in her spare time she works for FXU, runs several societies and pretends she has spare time.


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