Student Life: Volunteering for Oxjam

Oxjam is an annual music festival which takes place across the country and raises a lot of money for Oxfam every year.

Students from across the country work harder every year to create Oxjam events that are bigger and better than the year before.

I am part of the Creative Events Management course at Falmouth University and very interested with getting involved with any event that involves music! So Oxjam was definitely a great fit for me.

A few of us at Falmouth University took it upon ourselves to create a four-day festival for Oxjam based in Falmouth.


The preparation for this event was probably the most stressful part of the whole process. We had to go about getting venues, signing contracts, hiring equipment, buying décor and preparing ourselves for the four busy days that were ahead of us.

We took over four venues in Falmouth. The first one was Cribbs Bar in Falmouth as seen below.


We also had a night in a club called Mangos on our second night, an acoustic night at a pub called The Kings Head on our third night and a folk night at a bar called Grapes on our fourth night.

We were very proud of what we accomplished because, slowly but surely, the team we had put together to help run the event was falling apart. By the end of it we had only three main coordinators, me being one of them, and a lot of help from the Oxfam society at Falmouth University. The biggest thing we found when planning an event or putting together a big event is that you have to heavily rely on other people, and some people are bound to let you down no matter how much trust you put in them.


When we had finally reached the last night, which was a folk night at Grapes, we were absolutely shattered! But it was well worth it. We rose over £500 for Oxfam, as well as creating some very memorable nights which we will remember for a long time.

Volunteering can be very enjoyable as well as challenging and can be great fun when you really put your all into it!

lucy daveyLucy is a second year Creative Events Management student at Falmouth. She enjoys singing, playing guitar, gigs and charity work.


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