UGM agenda: FXU Sports teams in BUCS leagues

UGM Twitter HeaderIn the run up to the General Meeting on Wednesday 6 November, we’ll be discussing the agenda items and asking you what you think. Please share your thoughts in the comments below and remember to come along to the meeting to get your voice heard. It’s 4-6pm in the Chapel Lecture Theatre at Penryn Campus. All students are welcome!

FXU Sports teams in BUCS leagues

BUCS* rules** state that you can only participate on behalf of one institution and, as FXU represents both Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Penryn Campus, we can’t currently participate in team sports and have also had to withdraw from the Volleyball and American Football leagues for this season. Currently, for individual competitions, i.e. Bucs Surf Championships, FXU can enter the Falmouth University students and we have to go through the Athletic Union at Streatham Campus for our Exeter Students. Our South West Region BUCS universities support us in our bid to participate. Until then, we are playing friendlies with as many teams as possible but we are going to propose to change this.

How does this affect you and your participation while at university? Would this make you reconsider participating in sports on campus?

If you have any additional comments leading up to and during the meeting, tweet us @FXUtweet and use the hashtag #FXUugm. We’ll be live tweeting the event!  And remember, if this is an issue you feel really strongly about it, come along to the meeting. Your voice is important!

* British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the national governing body for Higher Education (HE) sport in the UK, a membership organisation, and a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, and our vision is simple –

To enhance the student experience through sport

To support and promote the lifestyle and educational benefits to communities and individuals of taking part in sport, and to provide outstanding opportunities to all students to engage in sport and related activity in higher education

Through three key themes:

• Sport
• Education and development
• Profile


REG 7.1 Eligible Participants

For a student to be eligible for BUCS Individual Championships or to represent his/her university in BUCS Team Championships and in BUCS Domestic Representative matches, he/she shall:

REG 7.1.1

Be a registered student at an institution of Higher or Further Education (1) that is a current member of the Company. ‘Registered’ would be deemed as being in accordance to the HESA (or equivalent) Student Records as submitted by said institution in relation to the receiving of individuals’ fees, therefore identifying an individual with a specific ‘parent’ institution.

(1 aged 18 or over in the case of FE)


Should those students then study elsewhere, for example separate campuses geographically remote from the main ‘parent’ site, partner colleges and / or franchised colleges, the ‘parent’ institution has two membership options:

a) include all their students under one institutional banner (single membership) or
b) choose to have separate membership, for example one per campus; and therefore enable registered students to compete for one member as per REG 7.1.8


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