Student Life: My journey to Uganda

ugandaSimilarly to a lot of people my age, I have had the urge to travel to distant lands. Unfortunately, like most people my age, I am far too poor to do this. This got me thinking a lot about a month before my 20th birthday. I’ve always been a hard worker, put the needs of others before mine and had to overcome an abusive father up until the age of 17. Whilst I was thinking about all this, I had what you could call an epiphany. I’ve always taken great satisfaction out of teaching my younger brother and sister from a young age and have always said to myself that one day I would like to teach. As a result, I did a bit of searching on the internet and found the charity Volunteer Uganda.

I instantly knew I wanted to be involved with this charity. I applied to a six-week program, where I would teach kids basic maths and English Monday to Friday, then get the chance to do such activities as white water rafting, gorilla tracking, HIV outreach program and many more activities. Following an application process, I was accepted and immediately filled with excitement. For me, charity is frowned upon by so many people; society has become so individualistic and dog-eat-dog, that we forget about each other, about those unable to compete in a society which is so cut throat. I’m going out to Uganda because of my love for helping others. I want the kids I am going to teach to be the next generation of teachers, so that people like myself will not have to volunteer because the foundations will be in place for the country to grow and educate the next generations themselves.

Currently I’m in the fundraising stage of my journey. I’ve paid for my flights already and raised £500 towards my trip. Last week I did a 100 mile exercise bike ride. I still need to raise another £1000 by 16 April 2014 (my birthday) before I fly out on 11 June. It’s difficult but, more importantly, it’s enjoyable. It motivates you and extends your view beyond what you have known your whole life. I believe volunteering is a fantastic thing that everyone should try and do, but NOT if your doing it for your CV. You have to do it because you’re passionate and devoted to something other than yourself. You do it to experience something most wouldn’t dare to. My journey is in full swing and I’m going to have the trip of a lifetime. If you love to travel and love to help people, why not give it a go yourself? I’m a 2nd year Film student and will be filming my time out there. Don’t be content with what you have – strive to do something amazing.

If you can spare a donation head on over to my fundraiser page.


alexAlex is a 2nd year Film student. Half Glaswegian, half Mackem, he grew up near Birmingham and now lives in Cornwall. He is an aspiring film director but also intends to devote as much time as possible to charitable exploits. His trip to Uganda will be the first of these.


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One Response to Student Life: My journey to Uganda

  1. cmilloy says:

    Good luck fundraising! I spent last summer in Uganda and had the most incredible time!

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