Application for NUS’ Students Green Fund

green fundThese are our ideas so far for sustainability projects. We’re hoping to combine some or all of these in a bid for money from NUS’s Students’ Green Fund, which is a big pot of money available to student unions and universities to help implement student-led projects with a positive environmental impact. What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any of your own to add?

Energy projects

  • Metering: installing more meters in residences will allow proper monitoring of how much energy students actually use. Once this information is available it will enable us to offer incentives, such as shared flat prizes, for residents to save energy.
  • Solar water heaters: these would save gas used in water heating and students could be eligible to receive payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive. Plus savings could be reinvested in other green initiatives.
  • Solar device chargers: more research is needed into this possibility, but the thought was that shared chargers in flats could reduce the amount of electricity used for charging phones and laptops, and once again these savings could be passed on to students.
  • Engagement: some funding could go towards creating a better campaign to engage staff and students with energy saving. This could potentially involve employing volunteers or paid ambassadors to help spread the message.

Waste projects

  • Education: one of the biggest improvements we can make is to inform staff and students about recycling options with specific details so there is no more confusion and contamination. This would potentially involve employing students to be ambassadors, talking to staff and first-years and helping get the information widely known.
  • Composting: a trial composting scheme is taking place in some flats around Glasney for the rest of this term. If this trial is successful, funding could help roll out the caddies to the whole student village, and buy another composter or two.
  • Research: FX+ could currently do with having a lot more information about how recycling and waste units are used. There is the suggestion of paying a group of students to undertake a waste audit and report back to provide the information that Estates needs to make recycling facilities and behaviours even better.
  • Plastic waste: FXU wants to work with the Raw foundation, an environmental non-profit, on reducing the amount of plastic we throw away on campus. This project focuses on the impact of plastic on the oceans and will involve a film screening, some campaigning and the opportunity to devise and run your own project to find a way of tackling this issue.

Those are our main ideas. Please let us know what you think of them in your comments. If you have any of your own to suggest, please comment or send an email to environment& . If you are interested in getting involved, either with the projects themselves or the bid process, get in touch.


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